Growing up in České Budějovice (Budweis), the largest city in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic, Lenka was never a competitive child, neither had she the chance to travel the world. She had not been led to sports and competition, rather to culture and arts, yet she became the exact opposite – the competitor, the adventurer, the survivor, the entrepreneur.

Lenka studied economics and started working part-time while attending university. She soon realized she needs to do more to achieve her dreams; at age of 21 she left to the United States, where she set off on her first big travelling adventure. She travelled from New York to the Key West, from Jacksonville to Los Angeles. Lenka gained her Open Water Diver licence in Florida in 1999 and was diving regularly in Key Largo in Florida.

After returning to the Czech Republic, Lenka set up her own business and continued to travel and explore new possibilities. She always aimed at interesting destinations where she could do more than just sit at the pool and she found diving an activity very close to her heart. The first trip to Maldives came in 2001. This adventure was somehow crucial for Lenka. Going underwater and meeting a whale shark determined her future; her passion for the ocean was born. Since then Lenka has experienced more amazing dives, including snorkelling with whale sharks in the Philippines, cuddling with stingrays in Grand Cayman, swimming with manta rays in Maldives and her most impressive experience ever – the shark feeding in Bahamas.

Lenka´s golf story began five years ago. Playing tennis, she missed chances to compete with men, and she found golf to be a great opportunity to do so.  Apart from touring the local golf circuit and collecting trophies from regional tournaments, she began to travel to play on the world´s most exciting greens. She was fortunate enough to play on several golf courses in Scotland, including Kingsbarns, the Old Course at St. Andrews, Boston Golf Club, Formby Hall Golf Resort and Crail Golfing Society. On the latter she took part in The World Team Cup in 2014 representing France. As a huge fan of the sport, she travelled to see The Open 2014 in Royal Liverpool – one of the biggest events on the world golf circuit. She also attended the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles that same year. In 2014 she played in the Caymans Islands, where she fell in love with North Sound Golf Club and the Blue Tip Golf Course; also in France – in Golf Country Club de Cannes-Mougins and Terre Blanche, an amazing spa & golf resort located in Tourrettes. Other than that, Lenka is a regular on Czech and Swedish greens, she has visited and played in Mauritius, Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai, Oman, South Africa, Malaysia, France, United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Mexico, Singapore and Austria.

At the end of 2014, Lenka decided to transform her interests and enthusiasm into business and she launched a project – Best Golf & Diving.

With her knowledge, experience and stunning looks, Lenka is the Bond girl of the travel industry; the best consultant, travel guide and company you can ever ask for; loving travel, nature and animals, passionate about what she does, keen to convey the best experience to her customers.