We are taking a small group and heading out in search of the elusive oceanic whitetip shark around the deep water drop offs around Cat Island, Bahamas. This is a land based adventure. Each morning we will head out in search of the sharks and return in the evenings back to the island. It is a strong possibility that we will encounter Dusky Sharks and Silky sharks.

May also be possible to see, nurse sharks, reef sharks, blue sharks, tigers, lemon sharks, as well as mahi mahi and blue marlin, during these expeditions.

Orientation program actions

Day 1 We arrive on Cat Island, Bahamas. A private van will take us to our host hotel (Greenwood Lodge) to settle in and prep camera gear for the morning dive. You will meet our transportation at 4:35 after taking the afternoon flight to New Bight Airport, Cat Island. It’s a thirty minute ride to your accommodations, but we generally stop at a local market to pick up supplies. You’ll have the day to relax, unpack, and get your gear ready….the adventure begins tomorrow.
Day 2 thru 6 We will head out to different deep water spots to seek out oceanics. 5 days of diving. This is a scuba diving adventure, but you will have the opportunity to free dive in between dives (if conditions allow.)
Day 7 We return home. You will depart on the 9:55am flight from New Bight Airport, Cat Island in order to make same-day connections on to your final destination. Your transportation will arrive at 8am to take you to the airport.