Open water diving with big sharks is NOT for everyone. But for those of you who would love to dive with Tiger Sharks and Great Hammerhead Sharks, then this is the trip for you.

This is a custom tailored trip to bring you to the best shark diving hot spots in the world, where you can spend hours diving with big predatory sharks. This is a liveaboard diving adventure aboard the Dolphin Dream an 85 x 26 foot Ocean Expedition Vessel. Along with the stars we are there to see, it is also possible to dive with Lemon sharks, reef sharks, nurse sharks and Bull sharks on this adventure… however the reason we are there is for opportunities to dive with tigers and great hammerheads. Please keep in mind that these are wild encounters and there are no guarantees that we will see any species of sharks – However, we will be visiting these waters during peak shark season AND we are very good at bringing in the sharks.

Reality check, These are close up encounters with very large sharks and we do use chum and bait to attract the sharks in close. Predatory sharks can be curious, making close passes, sometimes bumping cameras. This is normal behavior for them, but if your not ready for it, it will be a gut check.

This is an all inclusive liveaboard dive trip aboard the M/V Dolphin Dream, an 86′ x 26′ Ocean Expedition Vessel.

Orientation program actions

Day 1 The Dolphin Dream is located at the Riviera City Beach Marina. You will need to be on board before 6 PM for customs and paperwork on the day of departure. Boat will leave port between 10-12 PM. Closest airport is West Palm Beach International (30 minutes.) International travelers may have to fly in via Miami International Airport
Day 2 – 4 We will spend the first three days diving at Tiger Beach in the Northern Bahamas seeking out, Tiger Sharks…also possible to see Lemon Sharks, Reef sharks and Nurse Sharks.
Day 5 – 7 We will spend our last three days around Bimini Island, Bahamas seeking out Great Hammerheads…also possible to see; Bull Sharks and Nurse Sharks.
Day 8 We return to port on our return date. We have a US customs check in at 9AM and will be back at port around 9:30-10AM-ish. Return flights can be made after 1PM if flying out of West Palm Beach International, (or 3PM if flying out of Miami International.)