We are taking a small group and heading out in search of the elusive great hammerhead shark around Bimini Island, Bahamas. This is a land based adventure. Each morning we will head out in search of the sharks and return in the evenings back to the island. It is a strong possibility that we will encounter Bull Sharks, and nurse sharks. These are up close and personal encounters with great hammerheads and is easily one of the best shark dives you will ever experience.

Water temperature around Bimini during this time of the season is between 76 – 82 degrees. Dive depths range from 20 – 35 feet deep. Dive times average between 1-2 hours (depending how you are on air consumption.)

Package Includes;
– 5 Days Diving (great hammerheads and Bull Sharks) 4-6 hours diving each day (including one night dive with the hammerheads)
– 6 Nights stay at Sea Crest Hotel and Marina.
– lunch, beverages and snacks on the boat.
– tanks and weights

Hammerhead shark, Bimini

Bimini is one the only dive sites in the World where you can interact and dive with great hammerhead sharks.