Open water diving with big sharks is NOT for everyone. But for those of you who would love to dive with tiger sharks, lemon sharks, reef sharks, and possibly bull sharks or great hammerheads, then this is the trip for you.

We spend all our time at the Tiger Beach dive sites; attracting tigers sharks, using chum and bait. This dive site attracts several different species of sharks. Lemon sharks, reef sharks and nurse sharks are always the first to show up, and then the stars begin to slowly arrive…our beloved tiger sharks. There are several resident tiger sharks that visit the area and we are hoping to attract them to our chum slick, such as; Hook, Princess, Wonda, Freckles, Sophie, Lady Leigh, Notch, Bolt, New Girl, Jersey Girl and Gothic Girl. Those tigers are regulars here at Tiger Beach and well over 12 feet in length, weighing upwards of 1,000 pounds.

Of course the Tiger Beach experience is always sweeter when Emma shows up to our dive site. She is close to 17 feet in length and weighs over 2,000 pounds. She is the reigning queen of Tiger Beach and it is truly an honor when she shows up to say hi. Occasionally we do see other species of sharks here, such as bull sharks and great hammerheads. We have had them show up on several trips, but those are rare treats. On our combo tiger and great hamerhead trips, we head down to Bimini for opportunities to dive with great hammerheads.