My trip to Isla Mujeres


This is our annual trip out there to snorkel with whale sharks in the plankton rich waters that surround the Isla Mujeres, Mexico. And each year the adventures just gets wilder, the sharks get bigger, and the experiences are beyond words. There is also an opportunities to see and potentially with manta rays, schools of golden rays, sometimes schooling in the hundreds. This past season we also had many encounters with sailfish and one white marlin.

Our first trip out here to seek out the whale sharks was in Holbox was back in August of 2005 which was one of the first organized exploratory trips out to these islands. The whale shark grounds were still yet to become a protected marine reserve. In 2003 the locals began taking people out to see the sharks. A few people came out, then in 2004 a few more. We heard about the place and decided to organize an exploratory trip out there to see what it was all about. It was a huge success, we had 12 different whale sharks in a 3 day period, with countless manta rays as well…and we have not missed a season ever since.

  • August 2005…We swam with12 different whale sharks, along with countless manta rays.
  • July 2006… Around 100 different whale sharks. We also sighted over 15 manta rays breaches.
  • July 2007… we saw 50 different whale sharks from the boat, and swam with 23 different sharks, with one breaching manta, 50 yards from the boat!
  • July 2008… over 60 sharks in 6 days
  • July 2009… we saw hundreds of whale sharks feeding together. One day we encountered over 600 sharks – ALL FEEDING TOGETHER.
  • July 2010… 8 days in the water, 3 days of over 200 whale sharks feeding together, and some amazing days with 3-4 whale sharks with long encounters. great manta ray encounters as well.
  • July 2011…4 days in the water, over 100 sharks feeding in a large aggregation, where we spent countless hours swimming with them.
  • July 2012… 9 days in the water. Day one we had over 30 whale sharks. The number of sharks kept increasing each day. By day 9 we had over 300 sharks. Our best season yet!
  • July 2013… our best season ever. We had over 200 sharks everyday, and just as many manta rays, one day over 400 manta rays feeding in the area. Just magical days at sea.
  • July 2014… an amazing shark season, not as good as our 2013 season, but we still averaged over 100 sharks every day.