Malapasqua – magical isle famous Fox sharks and rich macro life

Oslob – a place where local fishermen have learned whale sharks připlavávat to regular feeding and thus allow you to snorkeling in close proximity to these majestic creatures

Negros – one of the best pot . destinations in the Philippines – Apo Island and interesting locations přípobřežními + trips to the national parks – mountains , volcanoes, lakes

Bohol – with the possibility of interesting dives and land excursions.

Orientation program actions

Day 1 Arrival in Cebu, stay in hotels near the airport, according to the interests evening tour of the city.
Day 2 transfer by minibus to the island Malapasqua (approx 3-4hod ) , accommodation in resort
Day 3-7 diving locations around the island Malapasqua – Fox sharks , macro , famous Gato Island , wreck Dona Marylin etc. in  price of 6 dives
Day 8 morning departure from Cebu,  accommodation near Oslob
Day 9 snorkeling with Whale sharks in Oslob  (or . For a small upcharge we can dive but due to the small depth (max. 5 m) is not necesery as whales are swimming around fishing boats… After snorkeling leaving to Negros, accommodation in resort
Day 10-11 diving locations in this area, including the famous Apo Island Reserve . The price of 4 dives .
Day 12 free. Optional diving excursions around the island
Day 13 transfer from Negros to Bohol on accommodation in resort
Day 14-15 diving ( 4 dives ) + depending on interest trips around the island
Day 16 free. Optional diving excursions around the island
Day 17 Transfer to Cebu, flight home