Shark Feeder Course

Move beyond the passive observational shark dive to the middle of the action when you train to become a shark feeder yourself ! Shark Feeder program takes you on a private, behind the scenes adventure that will allow you to participate in our normal Shark dives and then progress on and learn how to be the feeder!

Your first day starts early in the morning when you are greeted by your “Shark Buddy” upon arrival at the dive shop. Your “Shark Buddy” is an experienced shark feeder and a scuba instructor. For the next two days – you will live in your buddies shoes as a shark feeder.

The morning begins with a behind the scenes tour facility. Then it’s off to the classroom where you will take the Shark Awareness Specialty Course. This course will give you the basic knowledge you should know about sharks including how to identify certain species, how to read behaviors such as aggressive and polite feeding, and basic anatomy. The morning course finishes with a detailed briefing of the Shark dives. During this briefing you will be given numerous observation assignments for the afternoon dive.

Once the class is completed its off to the dive boat where you will participate (as a guest) in the Shark dives. On this trip you will be performing your observation assignments. These two dives also complete your Shark Awareness specialty course. During the two dives you will observe both natural and feeding behaviors of the Caribbean Reef sharks. You will be suited up in chainmail positioned next to your “Shark Buddy”. Your “Shark Buddy” will now show you his point of view. Near the end of the feed dive, your “Shark Buddy” will turn the spear and bait box over to you, for the last few peices of bait.

Day two begins with you and your “Shark Buddy” who will review the previous days dive and you will given further instructions on basic feeding techniques.

Shark feeding Bahamas Your adventure continues when you board your private boat for your personal shark feeding dives. Accompanying you will be your “Shark Buddy”, a crew person for the boat, and photographer. A combination of video and still pictures will be taken during your 2-tank dive. On your first dive you will be feeding using your newly learned techniques and the second dive is you and the sharks, having an adventure of a lifetime!

Shark Feeder Course Program

Day 1 Receive a behind the scenes tour.
Academic presentation of  Shark Awareness Course.
Feeding Technique Clinic
Shark Dive (2-tanks) Fully suited in chainmail, practice feeding at the end of the dive.
Day 2 Private Shark Dives with you as the feeder.


  • Private 2-tank shark dive with you as the feeder.
  • Certification as a Shark Awareness Diver with PADI.
  • A photo album documenting your shark experiences. with (2) 8×10 prints and all images on CD.
  • 2-DVD’s including a private video of your actual Shark Feeding experience and a group video of your Shark dive.
  • Use of Neptunic Stainless Steel Chainmail Suit with helmet.
  • Tanks, Weights, Weightbelts
  • Access to operate behind the scenes with your new “Shark Buddy”.
  • A VIP adventure you will never forget and can brag about to your dive buddies for a lifetime.


Dive schelude

Date – upon request

Additional Required Equipment: Full Body Suit (ie: wetsuit or skin with long legs & long sleeves)

Pre-Requisite For Participation:

  • 18 Years Old
  • Shark Feeding is advanced diving and requires divers to have strong Scuba skills.
  • You should be an experienced, certified diver who is very comfortable in the water and confident in your skills. 
  • You should also be physically fit and in good health.



Bahamas – Shark Feeder Course