Crocodile diving is one the most exiciting big animal encounters you will ever experience. We will be traveling to Xcalak and Banco Chinchorro Island, Mexico for a 7 day expedition in search of crocodiles. Banco Chinchorro is a protected marine reserve and boasts the largest aggregation of American crocodiles in the world. These encounters are unique opportunites to experience these animals up close and personal. During our visits here we have had epic encounters with one of natures most misunderstood animals.

The croc encounters here are snorkel only, but we also will spend a couple days diving for the huge schools of tarpon that migrate through the area. We may also spend some time chumming for sharks, so its possible we may find, tigers, bulls or great hammerheads. With all that tarpon in the area, there is going to be predators, so we are going to give it a shot. During this time of year, West Indian manatees also migrate through so it is possible we may encounter them as well. This trip is way off the beaten path and is one of the most exciting  big animal adventures in the underwater world. Banco Chinchorro is the size of Cozumel Island and is considered one of the least known ecological treasures in Mexico.

Orientation program actions

Day 1 We pick you up at the *Cancun International Airport (between 11am -12 pm) and take a 5 hour private van ride to the resort town of Xcalak. We check into the hotel, prep gear and the rest of the evening is our to relax.
Day 2

Today we pack an overnight bag (two nights lodging at the *Fisherman’s Cabin) and spend the next two days at the Chinchorro Island Marine Reserve. We take a 2 hour panga ride to Chinchorro Island Marine Reserve to swim with crocs. The crocs are not active till around 11am. The day will be spent swimming with crocs.

*We will be spending two nights in the Fisherman’s cabin (sleeping in hammocks), the evenings are quiet, with perfect sunsets. and sunrises. Before or after our day with the crocs, we will stop over on the island, look for the giant iguanas, photograph the crocodiles on the beach (crocodiles are all over the place) and visit the fishermen´s camps and the ranger station.

Day 3 The day will be spent swimming with crocs. We will spend the night here (sleeping in hammocks), watch the sunset, eat dinner and prep cameras and dive gear for a dive the following morning. Scuba dives will be limited here due to the limited amount of tanks we can bring with us.
Day 4 Wake up in the morning and spend the rest of the day swimming with crocs. This is our last day at Chinchorro Island for this trip and we return to Xcalak after our afternoon with the crocs.
Day 5 We will either spend the day chumming for sharks (weather dependent) and / or go for a two tank dive seeking out the huge schools of tarpon. It may also be possible to find West Indian manatees migrating through the area during this time of year.
Day 6 We will spend the afternoon diving (or chumming for sharks) and then return to Cancun in the evening. We will check into a hotel near the airport for your return trip in the morning.
Day 7 You return to Cancun International airport for your journey home.